Sunday, January 31, 2010

Warped Lunar Sludge

Black Mayonnaise officially came into existence on August 6, 1991 out of nowhere, crudely inspired by old Godflesh, old Carcass, old Butthole Surfers, old Chapeau, and Big Black. Earlier recordings have been described as "garage Godflesh" and "like Happy Flowers with a drum machine". The gestalt-like change into the "space sludge" sound that occurred in 1992 was the result of purchasing a 4-track, as the previous tapes were recorded with merely a boombox. During the mid-90's this project seemed to mysteriously transmute into somewhat of a living entity with a will of its own, independent of its creator and coming/going as it pleased. This factor would be a partial reason for the random disappearances/resurgences over the years. The somewhat obscure slang-term for decomposing sewage/sediment seemed appropriate for the early sound. This obscurity led to widespread discrimination by the more serious grim-faced metalhead/hipster-noise mamas-boy types living at home earning money off ebay/allowances and enough spare time to post 65498 [this is oftentimes a low estimate] times a day on numerous message boards... as it was misinterpreted by many as "some lame white-trash noisecore band named after expired food". Though by no means has this project ever been one to take itself too seriously. The other crowd of discriminators possess a much higher level of integrity. These are the individuals who have listened to the project and have empirically reduced it to simplistic weird sounds created by an overactive imagination and not "music" at all; more or less a truism... for the most part. (thank you Mike Duncan for the words).

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