Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I guess he didn't listen to Van Halen...

Sorta weird when this CD dropped in 1992 - I guess Eazy wasn't one of the 6 or so million people who picked up Van Halen's 5150 in the 80's but he was busy slangin', jackin'  and fuckin' (evidently a LOT) so can ya blame him? This 5(ish) song EP (or what we old-timers back in the day called a "CD maxi-single"), while nowhere as good as Eazy-Duz-It, is probably his best post-N.W.A. work thanks to good production, a (welcome) sense of humor, and some really strong beats. Of course it's ridiculously silly and clearly shows Eazy needed a strong posse of contributors around him to keep the creative forces going but "Neighborhood Sniper" is probably his best song ever and even "Merry Muthaphukkin' Xmas" can raise a dry smile repeatedly. Eazy's lyrics are hit or miss, sometimes I'm not even sure if he knows what he's saying and is just babbling words for rhyme's sake (the sadly tongue-twisting nonsense in "Only If You Want It" being an obvious example). Whatever. This EP's very existence is simply as a rushed-to-the-market retaliation for Dr. Dre's parody of E in his Chronic-era "Dre Day" video. Too bad he couldn't get the (supposedly vast amounts of other) material mixed to complete his final LP (back then known as Temporary Insanity) before he passed on. Now we're just stuck with umpteen awful posthumous albums (a la Jimi Hendrix) thrown together by anyone who has the ego to call themselves a producer.

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