Thursday, September 23, 2010


Of course we all love Ruggero Deodato's flicks for the über-violence (and some would argue for their socio-political agendas) but one high point has been his repeated employment of Italian composer Riz Ortolani. Known primarily for his (Grammy-winning and Oscar-nominated) Mondo Cane score as well as the beautifully haunting Cannibal Holocaust soundtrack; Riz is an incredibly affluent composer, with over 215 scores across 50 years in the business. One oft-ignored score is for Deodato's sweetly mean-spirited House On The Edge Of The Park, David Hess's post-Last House vehicle where he plays nearly the same role and terrorizes a group of naïve partying socialites. Regardless, one of the few humorous points in the film is a catchy disco tune entitled "Do It To Me (Once More)" which, as with most 80's Italian horror film scores, sits completely out of place with the rest of the film. It eventually found release on his 1981 Phantom of Love (Fantasma d'Amore) album, an incredibly catchy tune which you'll find yourself humming for days. Go Riz.

For the audiophiles, I could not find a satisfactorily full version of the song (his CDs are out of print and the tracks I could find on the internet are minute-long 128 kbps edits) so I ripped it off of video and removed as much hiss as I could. The file is in AIFF format and I think it sounds pretty good. Enjoy.

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