Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rick The Ruler

What can you say about a rapper who writes a whole song about convincing his girl to take it up the back door? A lot, actually - England's Slick Rick is one of the smoothest rappers to ever cross the pond and definitely holds significantly more street cred than most of his other fellow rappers back in his heyday. While self-grandiosing "gangstas" were spending time at their mansions under house arrest for petty skirmishes, Slick was serving a real jail sentence (5 years for second degree attempted murder charges as well as immigration issues) at the notorious Riker's Island. He joins other such notable rogues as G.G. Allin, Varg Vikernes, Faust, and Sicx (and to a lesser extent 2Pac and Lil' Wayne) who were actually sentenced "real" time for a crime, not the token Vince Neil "slap on the wrist" (30 days and a heavy fine). But, to be honest, Slick doesn't need any more credibility - his rapping sets him apart from all others. The Art Of Storytelling, his first legit (1996) release out of prison is a masterpiece. Nearly every track is gold, Slick's trademark style mixes tight enunciation with his unique British-tinged flow. It's heavy, hard and hip hop at the same time. Sadly, it's also been his last release as he (still) seems to keep running into trouble with the INS...

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