Monday, October 4, 2010

Mmmmm... Blood Dry

Bushwick Bill won't go down in history for his vocal agility, he has some of the worst rhymes in history ("Cereal Killer"?!?! Dude, c'mon!) and his strange obsession with the Child's Play flicks feels more like a 10-year old's weird crush than a grown man coming up with a somewhat-unique-but-not-really-scary theme. But y'know what? I still really dig the guy and think he is the reason the Geto Boys became what they did. Quirky, pissed off, and a hell of a player for 4' 2", ya gotta admit his amazing "Size Ain't Shit" is easily the best track on The Geto Boys album. Little Big Man is his first solo attempt, once the Geto Boys began falling apart (DJ Ready Red bailed, Scarface/Akshen was getting big and Willie D split for his own shit career) Bushwick started drinking a lot of Everclear and becoming generally dissatisfied with his life. One night he took matters (and a loaded pistol) into his own hands and suicidally tried to get his girlfriend to murder him by threatening his infant son. She retaliated by shooting him in the face. Bushwick survived, but not without losing an eye (check out the cover to the Boys' We Can't Be Stopped) and finding Jesus.  

Well, with all that being said, how's the album? Well, Little Big Man suffers from the typical Rap-A-Lot Records production banality yet it's still acceptable... but the songs? I hate to say it but Bushwick is the rapping equivalent of Plan 9 From Outer Space, Breakin' or Black Devil Doll From Hell... he is just so miserably bad that you gotta love him. And if you think I'm sellin' the guy short - realize he changed his name to Dr. Wolfgang Von Bushwickin The Barbarian Mother Funky Stay High Dollar Billstir. And he sings Christian rap. So check yo' self bitch.
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