Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meet The Meat!

A cassette-only oddity from Long Island, Horsemeat's 1995 demo Meet The Meat! is tough to categorize - it's punk, prog and power metal all mixed into one. Four tracks of straightforward jokecore, the songs are absolutely retarded (the highlight being a tune dedicated to Three O'Clock High's Buddy Revell) yet ooze a slick groove that keeps them listenable. My only real criticism is the overuse of echo and chorus effects, at times it sounds as if the guys were recording in a wind tunnel! Not much seemed to come of the demo and Horsemeat faded into mid-90's obscurity (hell, they're not even on Encyclopeadia Metallum!!) but I was surprised to find the members have moved onto quite significant music careers. Guitarist Bill Voccia formed the successful AC/DC cover band Live Wire while guitarist Scott Mosher has an extensive catalog of graphic design and artwork - as well as a series of progressive metal albums under his belt. 'Meat vocalist Todd Corsa is still with him providing vocals and keyboards. Check out his website for more info - you'll be amazed.

7/29/14 update: Just re-upped a brand new rip of the original cassette which removed all the annoying low-end hum found in the previous. Enjoy.

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