Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Touch My PeePee

Wow, another lost Long Island demo popping up on the ol' blog! Introducing Oceanside, NY's Bearded Fetus, a poor man's Cannibal Corpse playing lo-fi grindcore with tongues firmly stuck in cheek. And I'm talking about ass cheeks here, folks. A hilarious 10 songs that fit right in with their inspirational cohorts: the Mentors, A.C. and Gwar. Everything about the demo is sweetly vulgar, from the inside photo of the possessed dog with a dick in his mouth (thanks Photoshop 1.0!) to the musician names (Sensei Feelherflaps, Major Woody and Big Daddy). The music is pretty standard grind fare (a bit muddy but pretty well-produced for a demo) and two vocalists trade off the gurgles/screams to keep it interesting. Songs topics range from the boring same ol' same ol' ("Severed Limbs") to the comical ("Mr. Miyagi", "E Poyo He Gante") including a funny musical shout out to Ron Jeremy. My personal fave track is "Virginia" - it's the state I call my home and the guys hit it right on the hangnail. Who knows why they never really went anywhere, too jokey for Cannibal Corpse fans and too heavy for Mentors fans? Bearded Fetus broke up to form the short-lived Entorturement (who never really did anything either), yet I was surprised to see a current Myspace site for the band. Don't get excited. It's new members who don't want anything to do with their Hooray For Vagina history. Too bad for them.

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