Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rock Hard

While digging around the boxes of music in my house for their first album, I stumbled upon Boston toilet rockers Bulge's second release: 1987's Second Cummin' (or The Second Coming depending on which part of the cassette cover you read). Less of a straightforward live gig then their first album, Second Cummin' has Stinky Ass-Finger and the boys recording a set in Brandeis University's legendary WBRS radio station. Still a year away from becoming an infamous footnote in history as one of GG Allin's backup bands; Bulge plays through mostly originals this time - including a painful 15-minute ad lib dirge when bassist Moe Lester vanishes and the equipment goes down. Wotta riot - can you really expect much else from an album that's produced by a guy named Chimpy Tunormal? Just like their other live tape, this one oozes with a banal self-importance and smarmy suck-my-dick attitude. The liner notes thank GG, Chimpy and the Mentors... ending with an "Everyone Else Fuck Off." Cheers boys.

Worthy of mention for Allin fans, Second Cummin' shows that the ol' Public Animal #1 wasn't above blatantly pilfering music from the guys he played with (in case you are a moron, Bulge backed up GG on Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies). We all know "Outlaw Scumfuc" was poached (heh) from David Allen Coe's "Longhaired Redneck" and that "Dope Money" is basically the Peter Gunn theme over and over but did you know Bulge already had a "Suck My Ass (It Smells)"?  Sure, it's called "Wash Your Crack" but the obvious similarities are laughably apparent. They also play a familiar sounding tune called "Last In Line (Gangbang)"... could it be? Add a few tastier lyrics and Voilà! You got "Anti-Social Masterbator"! But then there's another song called "Last In Line For The Gangbang" on Freaks as well! Aw, fuck it... let's just say Bulge deserves more credit then they'll probably ever get for what many consider Allin's finest album.

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ace said...

i need this!

winston95 said...

You shall have. Re-uploaded tonight.