Sunday, June 3, 2012

Boognish, we hardly knew ye...

It's been a few days since Aaron Freeman announced he is "retiring" Gene Ween, and the news still hasn't sunk in. Ween was probably the most influentially important band in my life (especially throughout my drug-addled 20's) and to acknowledge their end is really like the passing of a friend. Of course the internet pundits are already speculating on reunion gigs and to be honest, the band hadn't recorded a whole lot since Quebec that I thought was up to earlier standards but it was still Ween mang and it was still better than most of the other stuff in any other genre coming out at the time. Ween played a soundtrack to my life for so many days, weeks and months...whether sitting up throughout the nights, coked off my ass, playing guitar to the entire God Ween Satan album for hours, driving to Florida (14 hours) to my grandad's funeral with only 12 Golden Country Greats in my CD player or taking my new girlfriend (and current wife) to see them on tour for the first time and watching her face turn from "what the fuck are these guys doing?" to "holy fuck! what are these guys doing!" There will never be another band like them. Seems fitting that some archived material from bassist Dave Drewitz's old side band Instant Death was upped on Ween's forum yesterday, seven tracks from an unreleased 2004 EP called Egyptian Mystery School. In honor of Scott Byrne's posthumous 51st birthday. Enjoy dudemangs.

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