Sunday, June 3, 2012

Keepin' it on the sludge tip...

Still shell-shocked in the post-Ween era I've found it somewhat soothing to listen to miserable shit that makes my pussy whining sound like it's coming from a fucking three year old. Enter Mistress, a sludgy 5-piece formed by members Anaal Nathrakh playing some dirty downtuned shit in the vein of Eyehategod and Iron Monkey. I've actually had a bunch of their stuff for a while but it took me a long time to look them up on the ol' iPod simply because of the connection to the aforementioned Anaal Nathrakh - a band that I just simply do not like. Not only were they the most overrated group of the mid-2000's, upon reading that they were "the soundtrack to a new apocalypse" I excitedly grabbed The Codex Necro and was instantly stunned by an incredibly tiring blastbeat quasi-industrial screamfest which got very dull very fast. But enough about them, Mistress set the record straight. 2003's Mistress II: The Chronovisor is easily the band's most solid work, sick sludge teetering on the cusp of grindcore. Way too much feedback, gain, and tape hiss, the album fucking kills - the 12-minute "38" is the ideal tune to hole up and drink yourself to an early death with. Sadly, Mistress called it quits in 2008 (to allow for more Nathrakh time... ugh!), I strongly advise you to track down their other albums - awesome shit!

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