Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blaze Some Hate

Trolling the internet the other night for some random shit to listen to I stumbled upon the amazing Chuch Of Zer which I have actually visited before, only with much less time on my hands. To my surprise he had a few live shows by 'Genocide fave Excel ripe for the downloading. I thought I'd return the favor and upload those with a few of the rarities I have from this incredibly underrated SoCal thrash/post-metal/prog-metal band. Starting off are three demos from their earliest inception, Chaotic Noise. Featuring founders Dan Clements (vocals) and Adam Siegel (guitars) the band spit out some quality thrashcore throughout 1984; finally recruiting a new bassist and drummer by the end of the year and "starting fresh" as Excel. Quality is so-so but what can you expect from early 80's cassette rips, y'know? I am missing one of the songs from Demo I titled "You Don't Mean A Thing" - if anyone out there has it please hook me up! Next up is 1986's Refuse To Quit demo - some of which can be heard on the re-release of their Caroline debut Split Image. Three great live shows are next: Live 1985, Live 1986 and Live 1987. Pretty good quality (considering) and a real treat to hear such the band mature from year to year in front of those crazy SoCal crowds. By 1987 the show was pretty much the Split Image album and it is awesome to hear those songs played fast and fresh. Wrapping up the uploads are some pieces/parts of the obscure Third Album Demo from 1991. Evidently the band recorded an album's worth of material for what was intended to be a third release before Adam Siegel quit to join Infectious Grooves (don't even get me started on that shitheap...). Information on songs is spotty, while some of them ended up on The Joke's On You re-release CD, I stumbled upon a few unlisted ones: "Puppet Tear" and "Rewind". Solid stuff from a band whose end came way too soon (interestingly, none of the demo stuff made it to their legit third album Seeking Refuge). I close by happily reporting as of January 2012 the band's classic lineup has seemingly reformed to play some shows. Hopefully some new material is not too far away!

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