Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nihilistic Prose

By request here's an audio rip of the notorious $20.00 Poem video filmed by Malcolm Tent and starring poet Brian Douglas Clemens getting his ass kicked, spit, and pissed on by none other than GG Allin all while the public animal reads his eponymous poem. The sound quality is poor but passable, if anything it's a lot more palatable then actually having to watch the hijinks GG and Brian get into. Check out the whole story behind this masterpiece of DIY video here. As Malcolm put it... "I held the camera and asked the questions. I'm also the only one in this video who's still alive."

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Czar Nicholas said...

I really love all your GG posts. I can get down on most of the content contained herein, but there ain't many that really know or are interested in his exploits and, somehow, to this day, I still get a kick out of all of that madness. Keep up the good work!

winston95 said...

Thank you bro! I really appreciate the kind words. As we've chatted before, GG was a pretty integral part of my fucked-up teenage life - right place right time I guess - and he definitely made an impression on me. Believe me, I enjoy writing and reminiscing about the stuff just as much!