Sunday, November 3, 2013


To be honest, once I got over my fleeting fascination with experimental drone and noise a few years ago, there wasn't a lot in Boris' extensive discography that kept me interested. Nothing particularly against their style, just very little of theirs that I would ever consider giving repeated listens to. When I eventually came across 2002's Heavy Rocks and found it their best work, excellent lo-fi hardcore/stoner/sludge in the vein of Men Of Porn or Church Of Misery. "Dyna-Sour" is my favorite - a fuzz-laden rocker with shades of Budgie's "Breadfan". Yeah there's some ambient-ish instrumental stuff sprinkled in between but it isn't overpowering and fits rather well. And the epic "鐘" really makes me wish I fucking knew how to speak Japanese. Enjoy.

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