Thursday, November 7, 2013

Suicide Forest

Hailing from the primitive woodland known as Salem, Oregon, münn plays an oppresively slow dirge/drone/sludge/doom stew a la Otesanek and Khanate (not surprisingly most of the band is comprised of members from similar-genred labelmates Ancestørtøøth). Recorded February 27, 2008, the hour-long rehearsal set opens with the epic 45-minute "Selbstmordwald (Part I)" - a seemingly endless journey through pain and suffering which rarely gets boring (and even speeds up for a few seconds here and there). "In Defeat" follows, beginning as a wicked sludgy groove that slowly deconstructs into a slower, feedback/effect-screaming threnody. "Drone" closes the session, a 10-minute wall of amplified noise. Really powerful stuff, as obscure as it is heavy. Sadly, with the suicide of bassist Joris Brinkerhoff in 2009 the band ceased to be. R.I.P.

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