Thursday, January 23, 2014

If Rhymes Could Kill...

As one of the 6 people who actually bought the album, I can definitively say the best track on Vanilla Ice's Hard To Swallow wasn't the Korn-esque remake of "Ice Ice Baby." Instead, it was the catchy jam-session final track "Freestyle" showcasing guest vocalists Cyco and C-Note. While Cyco provides a perfectly adequate caretaker verse, C-Note absolutely shreds the song with some fucking awesome skill and really makes Vanilla look like the rank amateur he is. Sadly though, this post isn't about C-Note; he appears to have vanished into the hip-hop ether, although can you blame the guy? If I knew I was cutting an album with Vanilla Ice I would have used a pseudonym and fled to Mexico too! So who's the other guy, you ask? The one not ashamed to share the mic with Rob Van Winkle? Meet Cyco, the brainchild behind Insane Poetry, a horrorcore rap trio from L.A. who've been cutting their teeth since 1992. Their independent debut Grim Reality, while somewhat primitive, is a fun flashback to early 90's South Central hip-hop where everything was sounding like what Ruthless Records was putting out. It's plodding at times and the raps can get a bit silly but still worth a listen and a dry smile.

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