Monday, January 20, 2014

Serial Killer 101

What better soundtrack to start my whining about 2014's Patriots season than this iconic slab of murder music from Chicago's demented speed metal sickos Macabre? Yet another in the long list of Relapse order "alternates" that ended up being better then the record I intended to buy; Sinister Slaughter is so entertainingly well-crafted for a token death metal album about serial killers that you'll find yourself humming the fucking songs for weeks after you hear it. Mix one part nursery rhymes and folk tales with wicked fast speed metal and a smartly snide sense of black humor and you almost got an idea of how good it is. Even the album cover nails it. Nefarious, Corporate Death and Dennis the Menace are such ridiculously talented musicians (especially Dennis the Menace - that guy hands down is the best fucking drummer out there today) I am always amazed these guys didn't end up conducting symphonies. Essential.

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