Friday, January 31, 2014

Two Losers

There's not much to day about the redneck mini-city Petersburg except to say that it's about half an hour south of me, has the worst fucking traffic all day long, and has a ridiculously shitty mall that the town still bizarrely thinks is relevant. While Richmond has a relatively well-known underground rap scene, who woulda ever thunk Petersburg could hatch a duo who twenty years later would have their unreleased album heralded as a forgotten classic. Introducing Kleph Dollaz and Deeda, a.k.a. Ill Biskits, who released a couple singles in the mid-90's and got it together enough to record a full-length, only to have it (have we heard this before?) get pulled from release at the last minute. Thankfully, a few leaked promo copies made their way to the public and circulated as a "lost tape" for over two decades before Khari Records finally packaged it all up with some bonus tracks in 2007. Here it is for posterity - a great throwback to days of old hip-hop before it turned absolutely terrible. Sadly, Kleph passed in 2012 from a heart attack. Enjoy his words.

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