Monday, October 6, 2014

Black Vomit

Quite possibly the bleakest thing ever recorded, this brutal 6-track demo from an intentionally nameless Portugal black band will absolutely blow you away. Blistering fast black metal punctuated by endless blastbeats and genre-typical unholy screams from the Abyss, this limited CDr comes with absolutely no information whatsoever save for the DIY black cardboard sleeve it's crudely packaged in. Released by ultra-indie label Latrina Do Chifrudo ("The Horned Latrine" - ha), even they don't know where this blasphemous 30-minute aural assault came from. Compared to some of the lo-fi black metal out there the demo is surprisingly legit - real songs (shit one of them runs almost 9 minutes) and a respectable sense of intention behind the whole thing. I was predicting an unlistenable wall of harsh "black" noise on my first guarded listen and was really surprised how good it fucking was. Enjoy.

"We simply don't care about protegonism (sic), self reference, identities other shit like that. Black Metal is a tool for something greater, it is a mere process and not a way for self gratification."

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