Monday, October 20, 2014

Old skruel

Aw c'mon it's not as bad as everyone says it is... I find it funny that half the websites offering this album up for sale or review has a CYA disclaimer warning consumers that it's a low quality recording. Are you kidding? This is GG-fucking-Allin we're talking about here, not Muse. Which of his recordings weren't low quality? While this particular compilation may be a few notches down from Murder Junkies or Carnival Of Excess, there is nothing on The Bloody Years that isn't as lo-fi as anything on Eat My Fuc or Suicide Sessions (i.e. recorded on a cassette deck). I've ranted previously about Bloody F. Mess getting the raw end of the punk rock baseball bat over the years - I actually find it cool to hear the old recordings made by an über fan of his actual idol. Absolute labors of love. People have bitched that Bloody capitalized on GG's death with the release of this material and so what? I'm sure he managed to make that extra car payment on his '88 Honda Civic with the proceeds earned from this one. Bloody was GG's pal, touring buddy and inglorious promoter through a time where GG was hardly known outside of the shitty NH suburbs. Hell, some say that it was Bloody who convinced GG to actually start shitting on stage - at his first Peoria, IL gig in 1985. GG's infamous 1986 show at "Pete's Basement" (literally, a basement in some teenager's house) is absolutely primo early Geeg and is presented here in its amazing 16-minute entirety (I'm assuming that it's "Pete" who whines through the gig that the mic GG is smashing into his face is his). I think GG was backed up by a cassette deck if I'm not mistaken - the version of "Eat My Diahreah" is one of my favorite GG tracks ever. Some of the other material is hit or miss, GG's tracks with the 1989 version of Bloody & The Skabs are OK but it's the live stuff that really kills. Wrapping it all up are some phone messages and conversations between Mssrs. Mess and Allin - I actually converted the mono files to stereo making them much easier to listen to. Funny chats between two friends - Bloody can at times be a bit overly adoring but hey, I forgive him, I woulda been too. Enjoy the history lesson.

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