Friday, October 3, 2014

Ever Rat

Solid cassette-only release from the sadly defunct Ever Rat Records based out of the Seattle, WA area. A cool snapshot of 1989-era GG Allin (unintentionally humorous botched song titles aside), the side A recording with the Disappointments is the real treat on the album - GG drunkenly slurring his way through a 6-minute rendition of "Jesus And Mothers Cunt" absolutely kills. Side B showcases the one and only gig by GG and his "Expose Yourself To Kids" back-up band the AIDS Brigade (featuring future Murder Junkie Merle Allin/Pearl Murder). Years later this show would actually make it onto DVD (it's the one where the band is playing in drag) but this version actually sounds a little better then the shitty VHS sourced for the DVD. Knowing now that the band was in drag explains why GG intentionally changed the song lyrics ("Cock On The Loose" becomes "Cunt On The Loose," etc. etc.) which always escaped me back in the day. The "I Hate My Audience Interview" isn't quite that - it's a recording lifted from GG's infamous appearance on Chicago's WLUP radio morning show. The sound guy dropped some choice snippets of GG over a loop of AC/DC's "T.N.T." to create an outro jingle for the show. You can hear the full version (and whole interview) somewhere on here.

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