Friday, August 26, 2011

Don't Expect It To Tango...

What hasn't been said already about the most enjoyable horror film of the 80's? I speak of course of Stuart Gordon's epic Re-Animator, a roller-coaster of a movie that blew away the rest of the shit that came out in 1985 (and many years after). If you're like me you've probably seen the flick several hundred times (partially due to the fact that luscious Barbara Crampton was a near-constant "alone time" companion of mine during good 'ol puberty) and can recite it verbatim. Revisiting it the other night, I decided to rip it to my iPod and edit in the 20+ minutes or so of extended/bonus footage included as DVD extras. I even tacked on the deleted "dream" sequence which gives some interesting foreshadow to the film's climax (heh). I did the best I could to make the cuts seamless, some work better than others; hopefully if you haven't seen the movie in a while you may not even notice. There are one or two segments which I just couldn't get to cut in without a significant camera or music "jump" but I still think it plays ok. One extended scene I left out since it didn't jive with what was in the flick: Dan asking Megan to marry him when there was already an existing sequence covering that. No real loss. I inserted the dream scene into where I though it fit best, it seems to need a bit more of an outro but you'll figure it out I'm sure. Anyways, the film is a .m4v suited for iPod (320x240) and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it looks. It runs just over 107 minutes and is the most complete version you can find. Let me know what you think and enjoy.

P.S. the movie poster above is adapted from one I found at this guy's gallery - check out his stuff.

UPDATE 9.2.13: Unfortunately, none of the file hosting sites will house my file so I'll direct you to the far superior (and cleaner) cut available on FanEdit - the only real difference is his not intercutting the dream sequence into the actual movie. Enjoy.
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