Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ménage À Trois

One of my favorite films of all time is Jörg Buttgereit's super-8 masterpiece Nekromantik. Not sure what that says about me or my celluloid tastes but I have never viewed the contemporary horror film the same way since I saw what a bunch of West Germans were able to create with absolutely no money, no equipment and no fucking shame back in 1987. I'm sure the three people who check this blog out are more then likely familiar with this piece of cinematic corpse-fucking so I figured I'd post one of the more beautiful (?) sides of the flick - the music. The sadly defunct Barrel Entertainment's DVD release of Nekromantik 2 included a CD of the soundtracks for both films. So here I present one of the more twistedly original compositions to ever accompany a film about necrophilia. From the demented abattoir opus "Surprise" to the darkly sweet "At Home" and the suicidal "Drunk," it is a 25-minute joyride through chaos. I think the music to the second film is somewhat derivative so I didn't include it although if I get a comment or two maybe I'll get around to it. Regardless, enjoy.
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