Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seth And Larry

Yet another side project in Seth Putnam's arsenal, Angry Hate formed in 1998 with fellow Bostonian Larry Lifeless, infamous poet/singer from Upsidedown Cross, Kilslug, The Sickness and Adolf Satan. According to Seth, the band was thought of one morning while he and Larry were getting drunk and putting off going to work while watching "Jerry Springer." Some weird looking guy was on and Larry commented "that guy looks like he should be in an old punk band call 'Angry Hate' or something." They officially started the band two months later. Angry Hate's first "recording" was in January 1999 of Larry hammering a fence against some lady"s garage in typical Boston 0° winter weather (the noise was eventually mixed into the end of "M.P."). In summer '99 they recorded covers of old unreleased Sickness and Kilslug songs for a bunch of split releases with legendary noise mongers Sloth. They played a few shows in 2002 with Siege drummer Rob Williams in tow then basically called it quits. Included in this download is their full 7" split with Sloth, "Hospital Song" from their 12" split with Sloth and "Bad Mood"/"100 Watts Electrified" from their unreleased 7" (maybe someday on Menace To Sobriety Records). Quality is pretty good, so enjoy the crazy noise nonsense.

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