Thursday, August 18, 2011

Murder Metal

Without a doubt one of my favorite bands is Chicago's Macabre. I stumbled upon their ridiculously ingenious version of death metal when I randomly added 1993's Sinister Slaughter as an "alternative" on some token Relapse Records order. Wow, how times have changed, no? Anyways, whatever I initially ordered was (of course) out of stock and via USPS came my introduction to Macabre. Amazing. What still gets me to this day, other than the fact that they're a trio, is the fucking drumming. I am so tired of hearing about Joey Jordison or Jimmy Sullivan... Macabre's Dennis the Menace (Dennis Ritchie) has been at it since fucking 1985! Hearing him absolutely destroy a double bass drum with cunthair precision is easily one the highlights in my music library. And since their Sinister days, Macabre has only gotten tighter and more witty. Because you can find pretty much everything they've ever recorded already online, I thought I'd throw up the live set from Dordrecht, Netherlands in 2005 which made it onto their Live In Holland DVD. Ripped straight from the disc at 256kbps - sound nice and a great setlist too. Here's to another decade and a half of crazy, fucked-up murder metal guys. Shit, the way the news is these days, the damn songs are writing themselves!

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