Thursday, April 26, 2012

End Of An Era...

Just finished the definitive GG Allin biography/autobiography America's Favorite Son. Half-ass written by some gawking pseudo-fan; then edited, retyped, and handwritten by GG, it is easily the most amazing 120 pages I've read in a long time. Until someone comes along and grills Merle about what really happened up there, this is the closest thing we'll ever have to account what really went on in New Hampshire and Vermont all those years ago. It's a crazy read, from childhood, through the Jabbers, through the Scumfucs... and then through any plug-and-play band he could find on the road. Was he a tortured higher power sacrificing himself for our sins? Sorry kids, probably not. Poor GG was just an abused alcoholic with a shitty childhood. His miserable mommy complex manifested itself into female abuse as he got older but don't fool yourself, he ran back to females every chance he could throughout his life. For all the "I love nothing" rap he dropped on vinyl he was in reality that guy we all know who can't seem to let go of his ex-girlfriends. Sure he got drunk when he was in public and went fucking crazy beating up on sluts but that's the booze (and a good circle of friends) talking. Don't get me wrong, I fucking love the guy but any Psych 101 student can see the pathos in it all. Regardless, the book ends with GG getting blood poisoning (again!) after his infamous 1988 gig at the Covered Wagon Saloon in San Francisco so I thought it only fitting I watch the Live And Pissed DVD of the show. Hilarious after reading page after page of bitch-punching, cunt-kicking, slut-slapping bravado to see the speeded-up scumfuc acting almost humble with his backstage entourage. Sad to see how the prison system turned him into such a bitter political miscreant. Way to go U.S. penal system.

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