Thursday, April 5, 2012


I don't know what was going on with Glenn Danzig throughout the mid-80's. I absolutely love the Misfits, respect Danzig (Lucifuge is really a great fucking album) but the Samhain stuff has always left me feeling either bored, confused or duped. I mean I like a couple tracks on Initium but that's about it; November-Coming-Fire is probably one of the worst albums I've ever heard (and I've given it a LOT of tries) and Final Descent is sub par at best. "Gothic horror punk" is the description I tend to run into regarding Samhain's discography; if that means muddy, slow, and somewhat rambling then we got a perfect metch. That being said, the somewhat recently released DVD Live 1984 showcases a solid early Samhain set at the Stardust Ballroom in Hollywood, CA. Glenn is obviously psyched at the reception of his new band and his enthusiasm comes across, the band rips through the Initium tracks (in my opinion their best work) as well as a couple Misfits tunes. The crowd is pretty manic and keep the band going through the 50-minute set, here's a pretty good audio rip direct from the source. Enjoy.

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