Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fucking Hostile

I remember the first time I heard Pantera. Some fucking Jersey party my good pal Dan dragged me to; he'd been spouting about this new band he was totally into during the drive down... fucking blah blah. Anyways, many hours and Meister Bräus later somehow he got in control of the stereo and "Fucking Hostile" hit the quadraphonic Panasonic shelf speakers. He almost flattened me being "that guy"... totally moshing by himself to a song nobody else knew. After hearing it for the fourth time in 6 minutes I knew I was getting welcomed back to a genre that I had discarded many years ago. I'm talking about metal, dude. Call it proto-metalcore or whatever, Pantera fucking redefined themselves after years of awful cheesy hair band bullshit and then redefined heavy music itself without going down the death metal route. And c'mon, the end to "Hollow" is probably the heaviest thing ever recorded - now or then. Here's a pretty fucking solid show from '94 when the guys were at their peak. Enjoy.

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Czar Nicholas said...

Lately I've noticed that a lot of people are talking shit on Pantera. To those people: Fuck right off. I think some of it stems from the stigma that any Southerner faces (accusations of racism, inbreeding, plain ol' ignorance, etc.) and the rest of it is just bad taste.

Seriously, listen to Vulgar Display of Power and tell me you're not fucking amped and ready to punch a cop and/or yourself?

winston95 said...

Amen brother. Personally I will go to the grave arguing that Pantera did more for metal then a lot of the other "trendsetter" bands weirdly championed these days.

I'm talking about YOU Judas Priest. I don't care what anyone says, you still fucking suck as bad as you did 30 years ago.