Monday, May 6, 2013

Грязь поколений

The few and far-between bands that actually get in touch are easily the best thing about doing a blog. I was happy to find in my inbox the other day an email from the sludge Russian 2-piece Electricjezus. Influenced by all the bands that matter, the two guys just put the finishing touches on their debut album Mud Of Generations. Recorded entirely live on analog equipment from different years and countries (old Soviet synthesizers, pianos, used ride cymbals, broken crash cymbals, pieces of metal for hi-hats, old microphones, etc etc). All work together to give the album a welcome fuzzy, lo-fi tape hiss kind of ambience; that is when lead vocalist Ruslan Frolov isn't screaming his guts out. Awesome shit - not only worth a listen but a few of your hard-earned bucks. Check 'em out here and enjoy.

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