Friday, May 3, 2013

Get the fuck up...

Amazingly still out-of-print thanks to record company ownership bullshit, Pharoahe Monch's debut stands as the last great rap record of the 90's. Not only is it ridiculously sleazy, offensive and fucking hilarious, Monch breaks out as an amazingly tight rapper, immediately comparable to Eminem (then basking in his "My Name Is" glow). Of course the standout track is "Simon Says" - sampling an old Godzilla (Mothra?) opening anthem to maximum effect - Monch creates a song you could freestyle to for hours. Other standouts include "Behind Closed Doors," "The Next Shit" and "Rape". Even the sort-of silly "The Ass" raises a dry smile as the least cynical track on the album. Featuring the instantly forgettable (but ample) Apani B. Fly - the song is reminiscent of Cube's "It's A Man's Word" as Monch and Fly one-up another on what the other side really wants. My only real complaint about Internal Affairs is the annoying "BuckBuckBuckBuck!" sample of his local borough boys that he drops way too many times. We get it Mr. Monch... Queens represent!

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