Monday, March 23, 2015

Be Ready Homeboy...

One of my weaker purchases back in 1989 was Arabian Prince's first solo cassette-single "She's Got A Big Posse." It was a simpler time where L.A. could do no wrong and I was blindly scooping up nearly everything remotely connected with Eazy-E and his Raiders hat-wearing crew. Had I realized Arabian Prince was the mastermind behind such forgettable N.W.A. album filler as "Panic Zone" and the execrable "Something 2 Dance 2" (seriously, did anyone ever not fast forward past that track?) I probably wouldn't have jumped at the opportunity to drop $5 for an arguably "four" song single. I've never heard anything since from the Prince so he gets a significant amount of beginner slack but for what it's worth "She's Got A Big Posse" isn't bad. Good grooves, samples and double entendres aplenty, he's got a solid voice and the lyrics fit in perfectly with what N.W.A. was doing at the time. Interestingly, I only just discovered Arabian Prince was a founding member of the Compton hip-hop quartet, only to be replaced by a young O'Shea Jackson upon his return to South Central from college. Good choice fellaz. The cassette rounds its running time out with an LP edit, radio edit, instrumental and the sample-heavy throwaway track "Now You Have To Understand."

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