Saturday, March 14, 2015

You're Too Physical

For what it's worth I liked Pretty Hate Machine. "Head Like A Hole" and "This Is The Only Time" were solid and most of the other other tunes would make a mix here and there throughout the early 90's. Still, I didn't really like NIN that much yet I was one of the shadowy posers lining up with  two dozen proto-goth faithful at Oliver's one chilly Syracuse midnight slapping down $15 for the brand new halo five release. Twenty-five years later, broken remains my favorite NIN release by far. The influence by Ministry, Lard and other guitar-heavy industrial groups notwithstanding, Reznor was explicitly impacted by the sound of his live back-up band during the Lollapalooza I tour and decided to mimic that sound on record. The results are astounding - other than Land Of Rape And Honey, this is probably my favorite industrial LP. Ever. "Last" and the sweetly miserable "Help Me I Am In Hell" are standouts on the primary disc while the cover of Adam Ant's "Physical" on the bonus 3" CD is my all-time favorite NIN track (probably the best heavy industrial track ever recorded as well). And you gotta love the Krull sample in "Happiness Is Slavery". Amazing it was all done buy one guy in a studio. Enjoy an awesome throwback to the days where making a heavy electronic record wa't an app on your iPad.

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