Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gimmie a "J"!

Still somewhat of a rarity in the annals of GG Allin's legacy, his one-shot 1981 recording with quasi-notable NY poet/writer Emily XYZ is yet another glimpse at a potential musical career that probably wouldn't have ended in his shit-smeared mid-30's heroin overdose. Featuring Al Chapple of Jabbers infamy on bass and "Fogerty" on guitar - GG plays an ample, albeit simple, drum beat behind Emily's avant garde non-linear lyrics. "Galileo" is the appropriately lesser B-side of the two, a somewhat dull rambling progression of a song while the flip "Jesus Over New York" has a very cool, definitely addictive rally chant quality to it. Interestingly, The Stripsearch (the band's actual name) released another single a year later with a cool handmade cover created from duct tape, sandpaper and crayon. I actually had that record as well but parted with it many years ago for some quick cash (with no musician listing I purchased it assuming GG played on that one as well, years later found out that was not the case). If anyone has a rip of that I'd love to hear it as I seem to remember "Hey Kid" was a pretty cool track. GG remained pretty friendly with Emily until his death and I think she even made it up to his funeral; yet another testament that the guy wasn't a total douche to everyone and the whole "I Love Nothing" persona was nothing but contrived schtick for the sheeple masses.

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