Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hung Like A N-word

Oh boy, here's the post that will do me in with the PC police... Straight outta Nashville come the intentionally provocative-titled HxLxAxNx. So what does such a thematically witty band of Tennesseans sound like? Well, as far as brutal death metal goes it's not half bad, considering. Song titles are the typical stupid/offensive nonsense - I'm surprised in this day and age the joke got as far as it did (2 demos) - but at the end of it all the musick is fucking solid downtuned double bass drop slamcore chaos. Of course my headphones cringed at some of the level blasts but I appreciate the effort. Vocals are nonhuman unless you enjoy deciphering the gurgles of a pig - but if you've made it this far you know what to expect. Shit, next thing I'll find out is the band members are fucking ΣΑΕ alums... enjoy.

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