Sunday, August 10, 2014


After their dissatisfaction with Imprint and Roadrunner Records (the band felt it was hastily recorded and the label mismanaged its release - a shame because I think it's a fucking amazing record), Long Island metalcore outfit Vision Of Disorder spent the end of the 90's off the major label radar. They re-recorded a bunch of tracks from their demo days and released them on indie label Go Kart Records. The result is For The Bleeders and is easily my favorite in their catalog. Recorded rough (8-track maybe?) and channeling the underground rawness of the originals, nearly every song is a keeper. I absolutely love "Adelaide" - the breakdowns in that song are simply epic. "Watch Out" and "Beneath The Green" are up there as well. V.O.D. eventually got back onto a major and released the so-so From Bliss To Devastation in 2001.

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