Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Packin' Horse Dick

Oh boy, here we go again. Jesus, how many posts on this two-bit blog have started with that sentence? Too fucking many probably... Anyways, here's the hidden gem of Rap-A-Lot Record's late 80's catalog, the debut release by burgeoning Geto Boy Willie D (or "Ghetto Boy Willie Dee" depending on what set you're claimin') - a low-budget dozen-song LP that is so banally minimalistic i that it comes off as an epic of primitive genius. First off, Willie D is a terrible rapper. There, I said it. You can barely understand his strange lispy cadence and his rhymes are awful. That being said, it actually works with the dollar store back beats and sorry off-time samples (how anyone on this record had the balls to call themselves a DJ is laughable). Willie it at his peak on the fucking killer "Put The Fuckin' Gun Away" - easily the best song on the album. The absolutely austere "Bald Headed Hoes" probably influenced countless thousands of closet MC's out there who've since realized you don't need a TR808 or other fancy drum machine - pawn yourself a $5 Casio beat box and sign the record deal. D's hilarious "Fuck Me Now" and the terribly unsexy token sex rap "Kinky" will have you laughing out loud. Geto Boy fans will be pleased to hear one of the many versions of "Do It Like A G.O." (yet another two versions appear on both the Grip It! and The Geto Boys albums) and anyone hunting for the best duet in hip-hop history need look no further than this record. "I Need Some Pussy". Bolivia. Best lyrics ever.

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