Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dave Who?

Keepin' it on the cassette rip tip, here's a another random bootleg LP picked up by my neurotic gotta-have-everything-Metallica 15-year old self (blog disclaimer: I am 25 years past that annoying phase). Not-so-cleverly disguised as a "Metal Militia" album - astute Metallica afficionados will no doubt recognize the label's attempt to legitimize this release as something from the pre-Elektra Kill 'Em All days. To be fair, it is, albeit shitty dubs of the originals. Side A features five tracks from the No Life 'Til Leather demo recorded with infamous ex-band members Dave Mustaine (guitar, duh) and Ron McGovney on bass. Side B showcases three cuts from the somewhat more rare Ride The Lightning demo. Originally recorded in late 1983, it was the group's first recording to feature lead guitarist Kirk Hammett. Who knows what generation recording actually made it onto the vinyl, the mp3's here are ripped from a direct cassette dub of mine. Still sounds shitty but made up for simply from the rareness of the whole thing. Enjoy.

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