Friday, August 13, 2010

Filth Music

What can you say... love it or hate it, John Waters' legendary Pink Flamingos is probably the sickest piece of celluloid to ever cross the lens of a film projector. I've seen some of the most unsettling horror films out there and they pale in comparison to this "exercise in poor taste." Remember the icky feeling you got watching Gummo's retarded poster boy eat a dripping plate of spaghetti in the bath tub? This entire movie is like that. Whether you're talking about Edith Massey greedily shoving hardboiled eggs in her face (while sitting in a crib) to Babs sleazily licking a pig's head at her birthday party, it's all so..... gross! And I'm not even touching the rape, puking, transvestitism, incest, kielbasas-tied-to-dicks, shit-eating or winking assholes - you can discover for yourself. One nice companion to the film's 25th anniversary re-release was this remastered collection of all the 45" singles making up the soundtrack. You've got Link Wray & His Ray Men, The Trashmen, and even Little Richard making an appearance. Waters' liner notes calls the soundtrack a compilation of "filth music... aggressively shabby, technically primitive, and always sexually ironic." I couldn't agree more. Although personally I think these songs are now much more "filthy" than Waters' ever thought they ever were just by being associated with his twisted cinematic triumph. And now you can say you heard "Surfin' Bird" long before Family Guy made it annoying.

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