Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NoVA Nü Metal

Back a long 12 years ago it was really exciting to have a semi-local band playing the stuff that Kn and (sadly) Limp Bizkit were ruling the airwaves with. Sev oozed out of the D.C. suburbs and occasionally made it down I-95 to Richmond for a gig here and there. On stage they rocked, small venues suited their sound perfectly and two vocalists offered a slightly different style from the norm. Studio-wise, a little is lost on Back Rider, unlike their first demo Sunflower (which sounded exactly like anything Ross Robinson was producing those days), Back Rider is bleached fucking clean. Vocals are mixed way too high and the music is really oddly equalized, I mean easy on the treble guys, come on! Oh well, I guess it was enough for the band to get noticed by Pepsi for a new campaign that lasted all of 5 minutes. Y'know, now that I think about it, I guess my problem with this album is that whichever singer of theirs sold me the CD after the show reacted so cocky to the props I gave him it just rubbed me the wrong way. Oh well, lemme just break open this crisp Pepsi Blue and get over it...

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