Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some cuts from the Master...

I'm not sure where I picked up this compilation - it's the umpteenth one I have, yet surprisingly has a few interesting tracks mixed in with the same 'ol recycled stuff. One the highlight is an older (mono?) mixed version of "Freedom" that appeared on his posthumously hurried Cry Of Love album - since that's been replaced on the record shelves with the remixed/mastered/edited First Rays Of The New Rising Sun it's nice to hear the old-school version. The epic, 15-minute recording of "Red House" is without a doubt one of the finest live versions I've heard of his blues masterpiece - it slows down and builds up over and over again with the force of a tractor beam - you're left reeling when it's over. Other tracks were culled mostly from his Blues album but they are all tight and listenable - the last real treat is a live version of Them's "Gloria" where Hendrix starts rambling about Noel's girl who's "breath smelled like wet pussy... Yeah!"

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Jimi should not be bootlegged.