Tuesday, August 17, 2010

филм follow-up

Well, it took a month but I finally got my hands on a copy of the much-anticipated A Serbian Film. So how was it??? Well the DVD-rip was expectedly crappy (some shitty screening copy but it was unedited and subtitled so I can't complain) but I gotta say it is solid, well-acted and yes, it's a REAL film. Taken really seriously, not some lame garden hose of red-food coloring shot-on-video piece of shit (a la Violent Shit and that pathetic ilk). It runs a little slow at hour and 40 minutes, director Srdjan Spasojević could probably have taken out half an hour (some of the exposition gets a tad long in the tooth and seems like you're watching the build-up in an episode of CSI) but the film completely makes up any arguable delays with its incredibly brutal ending. Excellent, I thought they couldn't have handled it better (that's the way I usually critique this sort of stuff... kinda a "if I was gonna go this far then I'd...."). The "skullfuck" scene was admittedly a little silly but it still worked and the film's last frames are great. As for the gore - it's definitely not the sickest thing I've ever seen (a title still held by August Underground in case you're wondering) but it's pretty twisted, especially two scenes which I'm sure left most audiences gagging (and running for the door). More of a "let your mind fill in the blanks" then all-out splatter flick as a whole there's a good amount of restrained gore - everything's relatively dark so it works well. Actor-wise, Srdjan Todorović as Milos is really good, for a washed-up porn star he really evokes the empathy - I felt sorry for him before he even gets involved in "the production". But Sergej Trifunović as the insane director is awesome, he hams it up the whole film and completely steals the show. Fucking crazy fucker. So in a nutshell, I loved it. Track down a copy for yourself or wait for the legit release by checking out the film's official website. Peace!

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