Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fuck "Possum Kingdom"

OK, OK, don't fucking get all bent out of shape, I actually like "Possum Kingdom" - I just wanted to piss off all the goth/Twi-hard dorks out there Googling their favorite song. Losers. Fort Worth's Toadies were one of those bands that got jinxed by a hit single. By the time they finally recorded their 1994 debut full-length they'd been kicking around various incarnations of these songs live and on various EPs for almost 5 years. The practice clearly paid off, Rubberneck is absolute gold, with almost every track a keeper (in my opinion, "Possum Kingdom" is actally one of the lesser tunes). Nice hooks and grooves as well as great lyrics (gotta love "Velvet") make this an essential post-grunge masterpiece. They've released some inconsistent follow-ups since and have recently (circa 2008) reformed with a new lineup. Check 'em out when they come to your town.

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