Monday, August 23, 2010

Lo-fi Death Metal

Hailing from the worthless tourist scab known as Little Rock, AK, the first (legit) LP from the two-man death metal outfit known as Shredded Corpse shows how different a climate existed for death metal bands back in the mid-90's. Nowadays, with any band able to get a cutting edge PC for less than $500 at Wal-Mart (and pirated music software just a few RapidShare clicks away), the glut of death/grind/gore bands that sound well-produced number in the thousands. Back in 1996 though, you just sounded like you had no money. Oddly sterile, completely humorless, and sounding like it was recorded on a cassette deck, Exhumed And Molested is worth more as a piece of nostalgia than anything to raise your fist to. Interestingly, guitarist/keyboardist William Rocky Gray joined the platinum selling rock group Evanescence in 2002. And who said death metal isn't a gateway genre?

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