Monday, February 10, 2014

GG Worship

Out of the scumfuckin' swamps of Tampa, FL (ironically where GG would record his posthumously-released Carnival Of Excess album) comes the Allin-inspired Jesus Christ And The Gang Bang Whores. Dissatisfied with the routine as a token tribute band to the deceased scumfuc, they evidently began writing their own material - much in the scatological flavor of their fallen punk rock god. From what I've read the band puts their money behind the music, the lead singer (who even looks like a grimy 80's-esque GG) plays naked, fights break out, various bodily fluids make an appearance and... you get the picture. So how does it all sound? Well, definitely scummy, but unfortunately not all that original. "Gutter Slut" has echoes of a downtuned "Teacher's Pet"; "Baby Pussy" sounds like a weird mesh between "Teenage Twats" and "Anal Cunt"; "Even Though Your Dead" is nearly note-for-note "Expose Yourself To Kids"; and the finale "Extreme Randomness" has shades of the drug-laced "Jesus In Mother's Cunt/My Bloody Mutilation" rants from Allin's late-90's gigs. Oddly, the diarrhea-drinkin' ode "Leave The Seat Up For Me" kinda sounds like some drunken Kurt Cobain outtake but that's an argument for another time. Still, the e.p. is a fun listen, especially after a downing a six-pack of skunked Meister Bräu - just pretend it's a forgotten album by our favorite New Hampshire rock 'n' roller. R.I.P. GG.

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