Sunday, February 23, 2014

Who has the nicest ass?

(Yawn) Man, this weekend kicked my ass. Too tired to dig through the archives for something witty or nostalgic to upload so I'll resort to one of the many versions I have of this proto-grunge classic. While I have several versions which all claim to be from the "actual source" - there is enough analysis out to prove nearly all of them false. Regardless, whether legit or not, it fucking sounds like a particular 18-year old Aberdeen lad and it doesn't take much to imagine Kurt writing exactly this type of material. "Class Of 86" is a fantastic song - my favorite on the demo and so totally fucking on point. "Sound Of Dentage" and "Vaseline" are excellent as well. Sorry about the low kbps - I'm too exhausted to dig through CDs for anything better... considering the 99th generation source it probably came from it probably doesn't matter anyway. Enjoy.

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