Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Minneapolis Mud Rock

Fourth LP from cult noise rock four-piece Cows. Obscure and unheralded outside of their urban bubble, they slugged it out in the Twin City trenches for over a decade before breaking up in 1998. A strange amalgam of jazzy freestyle, random feedback noise, rambling poetry and grunge rock, the Cows carved their own niche. Though he'd probably hate the comparison, lead singer Shannon Selberg had his GG vibe going on as well - live shows had the potential for violence - especially against those fans in the front row - spit, boots and the occasional mic stand were all potential weapons. As a disclaimer, if you're expecting something linear, the Cows can get tough to listen to at times (though not without a generous modicum of charm) - tracks for beginners include the approachable "Hitting The Wall" and "John Henry" (imagine very lo-fi grunge) and the Melvins-ish "3-Way Lisa". The Butthole Surfer-esque title track is my favorite - a strange trippy trumpet-filled instrumental soup of chaos. Perfect for your next Oxycontin overdose. Enjoy.

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