Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Woke Up To A Tune On The Radio...

Yet another sweet hip-hop CD-single from the early 90's that has a B-side better than the song it was promoting. Geto Boy's Scarface (a.k.a. Akshun) broke out as a solo artist with his solid 1991 debut Mr. Scarface Is Back. Light years better than anything the other 'Boys did, the album showcased a couple really fantastic songs: the title track, "Money And The Power," "Good Girl Gone Bad" and the epic closer "I'm Dead." Scarface's second single from the album was the sober "A Minute To Pray And A Second To Die" which is not without its charm but simply too slow for my tastes. Its B-side however is a "club mix" of the amazing "I'm Dead." Featuring a a ridiculously cool loop sampled from The Meters "Thinking" (off their classic 1969 Look-Ka Py Py), this low-rent "remix" (which is really just the song with a full-length instrumental tacked on at the end) just fucking rules.

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