Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Patriotic Punks

Found this one in the "used" bin at the defunct downtown punk store many a year ago. I had heard a bit of praise for the band and felt $3 was a worthy enough sacrifice to learn whether people I don't know are right. Well, what to say but other than the opener, If Looks Could Kill... is kinda a letdown. The music is more than passable West Coast hardcore; fast with some solid hooks and metalcore-ish breakdowns. The big problem for me is the vocalist. Sounding like a second-rate Serj Tankian, it is just agonizing to listen to the guy. When he's screaming it's great - but unfortunately that is less frequent than not. What could be some epic compositions just come off as painful. Maybe I'm being to hard, obviously the band has a shitload of fans and the vocalist is the only constant member over the past 15 years so I guess I'd better just shut the fuck up. Oh, and for anyone who cares, the guitarist quit this band to play on Eighteen Visions' classic Until The Ink Runs Out. Enjoy.

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