Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shub-Niggurath Sludge

I am definitely not as much into this Birmingham, AL sludge quartet as I was when I wrote about them last year, heralding them as the new big thing. Still, Nauseated And Terrified For The Future, recorded in 2010 is a solid slab of heavy Lovecraftian sludge, much in the vein of Black Cobra. Interestingly, this demo's title couldn't have been more apt - after another recording session in 2011 the brand broke up under unpleasant circumstances - so much so that song credits came under dispute and the band decided to "lose" its entire back catalog. As of late last year the band has reformed with different members and is playing a gig here and there around Birmingham; one new song has been recorded and they have a pretty amusing (albeit rarely updated) website here. As for the 2010 incarnation of the band, there is a lot to like - very, very swampy sludge that just gurgles from the bayou. I especially like what they were trying to do with the epic closer "The Great Release" as the song floats from jazz to doom in the most schizophrenic jam session ever. Enjoy.

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