Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Allin Autobiography

How else to start off the year right then with some essential literature penned by punk rock's preeminent Public Animal #1? Introducing the closest thing to a memoir about the infamous scumfuc, GG's autobiographical "America's Favorite Son." Written much like a schizophrenic diary (Allin has the annoying habit of casually traversing from the first to third person) it is somewhat difficult to read at times - the single-spaced typewritten pages are murder on the eyes (as is GG's antipathy for punctuation). Regardless, it is still a fascinating book, a must-have for any serious fan. Spanning from early childhood to his 1989 arrest in Ann Arbor, the stories are both hilarious and sobering. GG names names and doesn't censor the details for anyone's benefit, even his own. The Jabbers stuff is fantastic - the stories of the band struggling to stay together once GG decided to do his own thing are a real treat. My only complaint with "America's Favorite Son" is the lack of detail once GG began to devolve in the late 80's. Of course this is easily explained by the increase in his boozing and blackouts during that time but I wish more than a couple pages were dedicated to the recording of Freaks, Faggots Drunks & Junkies (heck, Suicide Sessions is mentioned only in passing). GG must've eventually sold his typewriter as the last 30 or so pages are handwritten (and I was complaining about the typewriter?) - I am happy to report that someone with a lot of patience has actually transcribed the entire book into a much more legible PDF format. And what a cover photo to boot. I included in the download file a few bonus PDFs. One is of a 1991 xeroxed press book distributed by Allin while he was floating around the country skirting parole. I got it via G-O-D from the excellent Media Christ blog who actually got his signed copy from Allin himself. A lot of the material we've seen before but it's still a cool compilation to peruse through. For completists out there, I also included a PDF of Evan Cohen's "I Was A Murder Junkie" to cover the last 5 months of GG's all-to-short life. So kick your feet up by the fire, grab yourself a steaming mug of Jim Beam and drift off into literary bliss.

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