Friday, January 9, 2015

Music Sucks

20 years after they invented a musical genre with their inaugural 88 Song EP, Mike Mahan, Seth Putnam and Tim Morse dusted off the cobwebs and re-recorded the twenty-minute blast of blur that started their (in)famous ride as one of the most polarizing bands in heavy music history. Per Mr. Putnam:

"Since 2008 was the 20th anniversary of Anal Cunt, we got the original lineup back together and only did shows with this lineup all year and only did songs from the 1988-1990 period. This CD was recorded the way original Anal Cunt stuff should be recorded. We just borrowed a recorder from someone, pressed play and didn't stop until we were done. We didn't stop the recorder to take any breaks, or re-record mistakes or anything gay like that. What you get here is over 21 minutes of pure, raw Anal Cunt style blurcore. We tried recording it a couple of days earlier on some gay computer recorder which Tim assured me would be fine, but ended up sounding like Richard Simmons trying to pick which Polyphonic Spree song he wanted to hear on the jukebox at a gay bar. So we threw that recording away, and tried again 2 days later with a different recorder that Tim borrowed from someone else. It sounds exactly the way the original lineup of Anal Cunt is supposed to sound, like a ferocious, violent, holocaust. The only thing that sucks about it a little is the little recorder couldn't handle my vocals like it should, so it's a little weaker than it sounded in the room when we recorded it, but it came out good enough. If you like the sound of Anal Cunt's Another E.P. then you'll love this - because it is much heavier, and more like an audio sledgehammer to your face.  If you didn't like the sound of Another E.P. then go inject some more of Bruce Vilanch's cum into your veins, faggot."

I'm fine with admitting I was a pretty hardcore A.C. fan back in the day, I was one of those sorry souls who slapped down three bucks at Newbury Comics every time they released a new 7" even though I knew it was going to be the exact same power chord noisecore. Sure, the 7MON split was over-produced, Another E.P. was under-produced, the Meat Shits split interspersed some surf rock riffs and the Unplugged E.P. was, well, unplugged, but all in all it was the same ol' noisy stuff. So at least I knew what I was gonna get with 110 Song CD. Not quite a feedback-laden lo-fi assault as Another E.P. (my personal fave from the blur era), it's still a respectable throwback to the good ol' days by guys who were pushing 40 at the time for chrissakes. Tight and fucking insane as ever, it's too bad there will probably never again be a band who randomly mashed two dozen riffs together and made a career recording it over and over again. Enjoy.

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